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Undertale: The Family Aftermath
Frisk and their friends were watching the sun light up the daytime on the surface. They couldn't help but admire its beauty.  The Underground's 'sky' was not really much compared to the wonder that the humans could enjoy.
"I feel so alive!" Undyne said.
"It is beautiful, isn't it?" Toriel agreed. "But we should think about what comes next."
Toriel was right. After the elongated series of events, who knew what was next to come.  Defeating the corrupted villain Asriel had become was merely one event.  And after the barrier being shattered, there was so much more bound to become so.
King Asgore spoke up, "Oh yes.  This is indeed a beginning to a bright new future.  For monsters and humans alike."  He then asked Frisk, "Frisk, would you take the honor of acting as our ambassador to the humans?"
Frisk pondered briefly, and then politely answered, "Your Majesty, I appreciate the offer.  But I would rather just live among all those who'll be joining together
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Andrew DeSoto
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, DeviantART. I'm Andruril93.

I've been going by my username for so long, ignoring the more interesting stuff about myself. So, I'm updating my Deviant ID with some real info about myself.

About the real me

My real Name, is Andrew. Andrew DeSoto. My bloodline is actually famous in some parts of the world.

I'm related (YES, lineally) to Hernando DeSoto. Yes, the famous Spanish Conquistador who came here in the expedition of the new land. You can check him out here:…

If you're an artist who enjoys the olden days Pop/Pulp Art stuff, then you might know about Rafael M. DeSoto. If not, here:… . He's actually my paternal Grandfather.

You might be surprised now. But, I'm not joking. On any of this. This is all the truth. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm 23 years old, and I really like art. I used to be kinda adept in drawing, but I've gotten really good at using PhotoShop instead. But, I like looking at how well other stuff is exploited too.


Now, for some interest lists:


Fetish stuff (Yes, I'm a fetishist):

(I'll be fine just as long as it can at least be implied, and isn't explicitly avoided)



Next, here's some stuff about my friends here on DeviantART:

Friends IRL:

:iconvinkuro: - My best friend, Vinny.

:iconartandcararch55: - My Dad, one of the best men I know. Please, go check out his work.

:iconnoconfusion: - One of my old BOCES classmates.

:iconmikuxriku: - Another of my old BOCES classmates.

:iconkitsooki: - And another old classmate from BOCES.

:iconkohaku-ume: - A mutual friend with Vinny.

:iconlpsws: - Casey, a really good person I know.

Friends URL :XD::

:iconwordgirlserenity67: - A nice gal.

:iconrangeranime: - Awesome Power Rangers/Super Sentai pic maker.

:iconzeltrax987: - Fellow PR/Sentai fan.

:iconvoltronz1: - Guy with a big imagination, like me.

:iconmukatkikaarn: - Very creative vore guy. Created Laurina Den.

:iconyoungngifted: - Friendly and fun person. Created Kaori Tsukuda, my waifu.

:iconkarbo: - The God of Vore! Say what you want, he's the one and only. None other.

:iconjust-a-little-vore: - The Goddess of Vore! And I'm not just talkin' about her pic with that title. As far as I go, she was the Goddess of Vore before that pic was even requested.

:iconjamesvillanueva: - The Lightsaber man! This guy does great!

:iconraeistic: - Fellow Avatar fan and Kataang lover

:iconlabean: - The Giantess King!!!


Now, here's a little something about my fetish-loving side:

I am a Voraphile, and a yuri fan, and a fetishist, and a mega otaku. I may also seem to be a little childish for my age.
But, one thing I am Not--repeat Not--, is a brony.
If I like a picture of an MLP character eating or being eaten, I like it because it's Vore.


Lastly, something important:

Despite all of this crazy, weird-sounding, mixed up stuff, I am proud to say I am Christian. I am glad to know Jesus Christ as my Savior. When I'm in deep doubt, I lift my hands to the Lord and pray. Without the Lord, we wouldn't even be here, or even exist. And, I know that it is God who has blessed me with my talents. I'm also glad to know I have some friends on here that follow Him too.

For instance:





Current Residence: Shirley, NY
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: (Haven't really focused on enjoying it much lately, but I still have faves)
Rock, Pop, Rap, Pop Rock, Electronic, Dance, Punk Rock, and more
Favourite style of art:
Cartoon (American and Japanese), 3D CGI, PhotoManipulation, Sprite Pixel Art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Favourite cartoon character:
Aang (Avatar), SpongeBob, Goku (DragonBall Z), and more
Personal Quote: BEHOLD! Star Wars, George Lucas's gift to Earth AND Heaven!

My Youtube

Where I post all my miniature models (Sorta. It hasn't received much of my attention or even been touched in a long time)

Well, that's all of it. Catch y'all around the site.
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I am so fanboy happy-crazy!!  I just watched The Last: Naruto the Movie for the first time ever!!

I was so impressed with how powerful it was, writing, story, all that stuff.  But that's not the point, far from it.


NaruHina for BEYOND ETERNITY!!!!

I was bouncing off the walls a few years ago when it was news that NaruHina became canon, so extremely happy!!  But this, watching the full movie where it happened, seeing the full extent of it.  That MULTIPLIES IT by 17,000,000,000 times TEN DUODECILLION TONS!!!
I knew it from the second I watched the Chunin Exams on Naruto Year's Eve years ago (I was kinda late in becoming a fan).  Hinata DESERVES Naruto!!  I could feel it like it was untoppable, EVEN By Kataang (and that's big).  I KNEW IT from the start!  Them, them, them, them, them, THEM!!!!!!

I am so EXTREMLY PLEASED, as a fan of the show (even if with a minor taste) And a shipper of NaruHina!!!!

I freakin' give The Last: Naruto the Movie, out of a ten-star rating scale, a Whopping TEN BILLION STARS!!!!
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Hey, all.  Guess what.  I'm goin' back down to Florida again!  This time, for my first trip to Disney World! :booyah: That's right, this Wednesday/Thursday, I'm goin' to Disney for the First Time Ever!!  Isn't that Ultra Awesome?! Boogie!  Happy dance Woo-Hoooo!!!  :mickey: :minnie: Mickey Dance With a Hat and Cane *Free Icon/Emote* Big Hero 6 Baymax  Flying Makes Me A Better Health Care Companion Queen Elsa Emoticon 

Yeah, as I said in a previous entry last summer, my brother got married.  Now we're goin' to Disney so he and the Mrs. can like have a Disney reception in addition to their actual wedding (it's a mega Disney fan thing, I think).  And plus, we're gonna have the chance to go around the park (duh Roll Eyes), like Magic Kingdom, and we'll even be checkin' out Epcot.  Plus, lots of food at the hotel and wherenot.
And to top it off, meh n' mah lil' bruh gunna go ta STAR WARS WORLD!!!!  Smiley Cheer Use the force! :shakemacewindu: 

I'm really lookin' forward to this!  I can't wait for it to get underway!  It's gonna be awesome, I can tell!! w00t! :w00t: revamp :w00t: remake :w00t: Revamp 

This'll likely be my last Journal before I get ready to go, but I'll probably check some of my messages tomorrow before the day when we actually go.  So yeah, I'll see y'all around when I get back.  Have a great week, all of you, my friends, brothers and sisters.  May the guidance of the Lord be upon you all.

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(I know, this Journal is pretty late.  But I kept getting sidetracked, and I didn't feel like revising it to be completely past-tense.  Yes, Ninja Steel is literally right around the corner, but the season in question here technically just ended.  So it can't be Too late.  Anyway, here we go.)

I've been watching Power Rangers Dino Charge, and "Supercharge", and I think it's time I voiced an honest opinion about it.  As interesting as it may seem, I have to say it could be much better.  Recently, I've been watching the older Saban-era seasons, and I don't understand why Saban isn't doing the show like the good ones they did back then.  On the major plus side, this season is definitely an improvement from that Stuper MegaHoarse garbage.  But as nice as that is, it's All that I can see as a major plus.  It needs more than just that to be a fully appreciatable installment of Power Rangers.

So, here are the things I'd change about this season.  Just to make it more tolerable.  Note: Unlike what I did last time, these are changes to the existing season, rather than re-adapting the Sentai show.

For starters, I'd have the fight scenes have No Chatting!!  Seriously, that ruins the mood of the fight.  Also, I'd have the Rangers not say the names of their weapons and attacks whenever they use them.  Saying "fire!" when blasting is perfectly fine.  And there's no need to say "Final [attack word]!" right when they do it.

Also, I'd get rid of the title "Supercharge".  I mean really, these "super seasons" are really cliche and annoying.  This one really pushes it over the edge though.  The Rangers call themselves Dino Supercharge even though they're just in their regular suits, with no "super mode" (at least not for the whole team).  They're saying their show's name rather than their team name, which is pretty weird.

Now, some stuff that doesn't have to do with the layout of the show.  For one thing, I'd make Tyler's "Super Charge Mode" be a Battlizer.  Really, I've been suffering from Battlizer shortage.  We haven't gotten a Battlizer since Operation Overdrive, that's more than five years.  Yes, Shogun Mode was used on the ground once in Samurai.  But as cool as that was, it didn't rectify it for me.  We Need a new Battlizer!  And KyoryuRed Carnival would've been perfect for it, not to mention it would've made it the first ever adapted Battlizer.  Milestone, people.

In fact, here's something that could've (partially, maybe) redeemed the "super" idea.  Why not give the Rangers a Super Mode in the form of something they already have?  Like the armor for "Super Drive Mode".  Easy.  Just give them the armor pieces for the arms and legs, and easily just make a new chestplate (even if it's simple with nothing on it).  Then just have them use it for the ground fights.  That'd work fine, after all they've been doing lots of US-filmed fight scenes anyway.

*ahem* Okay, now something about the plots.  I would've had the part with Mr. Naverro be more drawn out (it was kinda rushed for my taste).  Tyler at first assumed that Rusty knew something about the Energems, maybe even that he was the Aqua Ranger. I'd have that assumption be given more room, so Rusty could maybe have a tidbit more screen time, and it could be more of a surprise when Mr. Naverro is revealed to be the Aqua Ranger.  And also, I'd have Tyler obtain his should-be Battlizer after his dad reveals himself and joins the team.

Plus, I'm starting to think Ivan needs an adjustment.  He needs to try to adapt to his new surroundings in the modern world.  Weeks, probably months in present day, and he's still a fish out of water.  I mean really, the episode "Riches and Rags" actually felt embarrassing.  It was just so weird, the ways all the characters behaved and interacted.  Seriously, Ivan, you live in this world now.  Try to learn a little.  And while "Freaky Frightday" may have taught him a bit of something, he really needs more thorough lessons.

And while I'm not extreme about this one, I honestly think it would've made sense to have Keeper become the Silver Ranger.  I mean, the idea we got may be interesting and all.  But Keeper, is practically the rangers' mentor, can hold off against the likes of Fury on his own, and knows all about the Energems and their abilities.  He would've made a great Silver Ranger.  Hey, maybe the silver Energem could've been his own personal one, and maybe he willingly unbonded it from himself in order to keep it hidden with the others.

While Zenowing's a valiant warrior, I just can't help but think adapting Torin feels kinda like a copout.  We didn't really need him, honestly.  Also, we know Keeper can hold his own in a fight, so why haven't we seen it happen for so long?  Been since...what?  Since he fought Fury?  I think Keeper deserves more involvment in the struggles than just giving advice and using "space spells" to get the heroes out of trouble.  Even if not the Silver Ranger, make the mentor a bit more useful.

Oh, and something else.  The planet being where the Dark Energem quest basically began.  It's called "Sentai 6"?  That's probably the least original name they could come up with.  Reference or not, it's too obvious a word.  They could've easily done something better.  In Super Sentai there were lots of planet names they could've used, like Tornho or Dacaci from Goseiger.  Heck, if I worked with the creators, I could've come up with a translation word, like Sabaku (Japanese for "desert").  Hey, could've even named the planet Ralimis or Sekar 5, which are both based on everyday English words in almost every spoken sentence.
(^^; Sorry, getting ranty.  It just feels like such a simple copout to me)

Anyway.  One thing that did seem interesting.  The episode "Worgworld" was probably the best one in this pair of seasons, or at least of the "super half".  The zombies, the dark plot point, supense, and all of that.  I was able to say that we needed that stuff like crazy.  It actually felt like if an idea were done to make it better, it would've made it maybe the most tolerable.  One such idea I had, maybe if the spell had them be stuck as zombies once the music was played (rather than just cover their ears to reverse it), it could've made the Rangers' mission even harder.  Like, maybe make the only cure be to destroy the two guys playing the tune.  Or maybe steal their trumpet and reverse engineer it at the lab to break the spell over the city.  But it was still a good one, that's just a thought to make it even better.

Also, bringing back Sledge and the old gang.  I think they did it right, with the Rangers inadvertantly helping the bad guys with their own personal deeds.  Though it's just a tiny shame we only got a peek at Arcanon's full power.  Might've been cool to see what he could really do more fully.  But hey, now we got our more badass bad guy back (I hope Poisandra's happy).

Now, a few more things that could make the season better (not gonna get ranty this time, I promise).  Maybe some dark counterparts for the Rangers would be cool.  And I mean like, exact equals.  That could be a great use for the Dark Energem, clone the Rangers.  That might've made a great story arc.  And some more screen time for Kaylee would be nice.  Since she knows basically all the Rangers' identities now, why not give her some involvement with them (civilian-wise that is).  Who knows, maybe it'd be cool to see what they'd think about her knowing.  Sure, Chase is fine with it, but what about Kendall and Keeper?  What would they think?  Just saying though.

This is probably more a nit-pick than anything else, but a bit of something about the specials.  Maybe in "The Ghostest With the Mostest", a slight adjustment to the process of when they were looking for the fake.  I think the computer's results could've been more straightforward.  Like Kendall could say "What can you tell me, computer?" instead of "Computer, is [ranger name] real or fake?".  And maybe the computer could respond "No lie detected" instead of just "Real", and "Lie detected, fake possible" instead of "Lying, fake detected".  But like I said, might be just a nit-pick.

Now, about the finale.  While it was intersting, all the brawly battles and whatnot, it still fell on the level of what could've been done to the whole season.  And the final scene at the very end, I honestly don't know.  The dinosaurs not going extinct?  Shouldn't that mean humans wouldn't have evolved?  And Sledge being destroyed from the start, that likely means nothing in the season ever happened.  I think this season should've kept to the continuity.

And the Supercharge specials, Halloween and Christmas, those shouldn't have happened.  That's what I'd change about them, not have them.  The Jury thing was weird, and paying off the guards in candy?  Come on.  And "Here Comes Heximas", Really?!  65 Million years, and his plan is to mess with Santa's naughty list?  I thought it might be an interesting branch-off for the idea of saving Christmas, but then BLAM, it ends up no good.
(^^; Oops, got ranty again.  Sorry about that.)

Well, I'd say that's basically all I can say or think of.  What do you guys think of these change ideas of mine?  What in Dino Charge (and/or Supercharge) do you think could've been fixed or changed, even if a little bit?  Let me know in the comments.

As Zordon would say, "May the Power protect you, always". Mighty Morphing Power Rangers 


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