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What if Mace Windu trained Anakin by Andruril93 What if Mace Windu trained Anakin :iconandruril93:Andruril93 15 9 Shadow Ranger, Power Rangers Samurai by Andruril93 Shadow Ranger, Power Rangers Samurai :iconandruril93:Andruril93 14 15
Power Raiders new story
The Power Raiders were followers of Scorpius.  They were once loyal generals to their own worlds' governments, but when he conquered their worlds they easily succumbed to his warlord ways, and turned on their own leaders.  They treated him like a king, convincing some to treat him like a deity.  Once word was received that Scorpius had been destroyed by the Power Rangers on his quest for the Quasar Sabers, the five generals vowed vengeance against them.  They had their respictive worlds' best mechanics and scientists build technology and weapons that could not only be more than formidable against the Rangers, but also steal the Rangers' powers and be compatible with them.
Soon, the five generals had trained in their new arsenal, obtained a fleet of fighting machines, and become ready to begin their mission against the Rangers.  They swore to their fallen leader that they would neither stop nor rest until they had avenged his death and legacy.
During their sail
:iconandruril93:Andruril93 4 8
My Legendary Battle
The Mega Rangers had morphed on Gosei's command.  They found themselves caught in the crossfire from the warships in the sky.  As Troy went looking for RoboKnight who had vanished in the previous battle, the other four rangers planned to return to the city to help the civilians bound for attack.  Hurrying back, they did just that, but there were too many robot soldiers for them to take on completely.  Troy meanwhile, was fighting his own way through these enemies as he searched high and low for their missing friend.  But try as he may, he couldn't find RoboKnight anywhere.  Back at the Command Center, Gosei and Tensou were watching what was happenning on the screens.  Tensou said, "Oh boy, oh boy, this is not good at all, Gosei!" "I know, Tensou," Gosei replied, "This is worse than I would have anticipated."  Tensou was freaked out by what he was seeing.  "Oh, Gosei!  What do we do?" the robot asked.  "There is something that can b
:iconandruril93:Andruril93 4 1
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Hey, all. I've found some things that I can get for points here on DeviantART. I was hoping you guys would be generous enough to donate some to me. If it's not too much to ask.

Thank you for your time, generosity and for caring. God bless you all.

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Andruril93's Profile Picture
Andrew DeSoto
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, DeviantART. I'm Andruril93.

I've been going by my username for so long, ignoring the more interesting stuff about myself. So, I'm updating my Deviant ID with some real info about myself.

About the real me

My real Name, is Andrew. Andrew DeSoto. My bloodline is actually famous in some parts of the world.

I'm related (YES, lineally) to Hernando DeSoto. Yes, the famous Spanish Conquistador who came here in the expedition of the new land. You can check him out here:…

If you're an artist who enjoys the olden days Pop/Pulp Art stuff, then you might know about Rafael M. DeSoto. If not, here:… . He's actually my paternal Grandfather.

You might be surprised now. But, I'm not joking. On any of this. This is all the truth. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm 23 years old, and I really like art. I used to be kinda adept in drawing, but I've gotten really good at using PhotoShop instead. But, I like looking at how well other stuff is exploited too.


Now, for some interest lists:


Fetish stuff (Yes, I'm a fetishist):

(I'll be fine just as long as it can at least be implied, and isn't explicitly avoided)



Next, here's some stuff about my friends here on DeviantART:

Friends IRL:

:iconvinkuro: - My best friend, Vinny.

:iconartandcararch55: - My Dad, one of the best men I know. Please, go check out his work.

:iconnoconfusion: - One of my old BOCES classmates.

:iconmikuxriku: - Another of my old BOCES classmates.

:iconkitsooki: - And another old classmate from BOCES.

:iconreseliee: - A mutual friend with Vinny.

:iconlpsws: - Casey, a really good person I know.

Friends URL :XD::

:iconwordgirlserenity67: - A nice gal.

:iconrangeranime: - Awesome Power Rangers/Super Sentai pic maker.

:iconzeltrax987: - Fellow PR/Sentai fan.

:iconvoltronz1: - Guy with a big imagination, like me.

:iconmukatkikaarn: - Very creative vore guy. Created Laurina Den.

:iconyoungngifted: - Friendly and fun person. Created Kaori Tsukuda, my waifu.

:iconkarbo: - The God of Vore! Say what you want, he's the one and only. None other.

:iconjust-a-little-vore: - The Goddess of Vore! And I'm not just talkin' about her pic with that title. As far as I go, she was the Goddess of Vore before that pic was even requested.

:iconjamesvillanueva: - The Lightsaber man! This guy does great!

:iconraeistic: - Fellow Avatar fan and Kataang lover

:iconlabean: - The Giantess King!!!


Now, here's a little something about my fetish-loving side:

I am a Voraphile, and a yuri fan, and a fetishist, and a mega otaku. I may also seem to be a little childish for my age.
But, one thing I am Not--repeat Not--, is a brony.
If I like a picture of an MLP character eating or being eaten, I like it because it's Vore.


Lastly, something important:

Despite all of this crazy, weird-sounding, mixed up stuff, I am proud to say I am Christian. I am glad to know Jesus Christ as my Savior. When I'm in deep doubt, I lift my hands to the Lord and pray. Without the Lord, we wouldn't even be here, or even exist. And, I know that it is God who has blessed me with my talents. I'm also glad to know I have some friends on here that follow Him too.

For instance:





Current Residence: Shirley, NY
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: (Haven't really focused on enjoying it much lately, but I still have faves)
Rock, Pop, Rap, Pop Rock, Electronic, Dance, Punk Rock, and more
Favourite style of art:
Cartoon (American and Japanese), 3D CGI, PhotoManipulation, Sprite Pixel Art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Favourite cartoon character:
Aang (Avatar), SpongeBob, Goku (DragonBall Z), and more
Personal Quote: BEHOLD! Star Wars, George Lucas's gift to Earth AND Heaven!

My Youtube

Where I post all my miniature models (Sorta. It hasn't received much of my attention or even been touched in a long time)

Well, that's all of it. Catch y'all around the site.
  • Listening to: Christmas carols and the relatives chatting
  • Reading: What I'm typing
  • Watching: Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Baked Ziti and Broccoli & Cheese
  • Drinking: Soda
Ho ho ho ho ho ho!! :santa:  Hey there, all.  How was your Christmas (or other Holiday) celebration?  Mine's goin' great (still goin' on).  Havin' lots of fun.  Lemme tell you guys about it. :thumbsup: revamp 

On Christmas Eve, the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins came over to our place for dinner.  It's every year on that day we have a buffet-style dinner. :yum: Was pretty good.  Baked mezzi penne with plenty of cheese and sauce, breadballs, deep-fried broccoli and cauliflower, potato croquettes, :chew: pizza frite, and even some mozzarella sticks :hungry:.  There was also seafood (which I hate :ew:), shrimp, calamari, salmon, and tuna :yuck:.  Anyway yeah, got some good chatting in there too.  Plus, my brother's been home from college, making it even better. :dance:

On Christmas Day, me and the household folks opened our presents.  I made everyone personalized PhotoShop scenarios lf them.  They all really love them, they think I did a great job with a creative idea. :aww:  Also, I got a bunch of Amazon gift cards, the full DVD box set of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers seasons 1-3, a Blu-Ray drive for my computer, a t-shirt of :windulightsaber: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and a bunch of other little things in my stocking.  And later in the evening, I went with my Dad and brother to my Aunt's house.  Just to stop by, it was nice.

Today, the celebration is still going on. :w00t!: Yes, me and my folks celebrate three days of Christmas.  Today, December 26th, is what I like to call Christmorrow. :nod: The etymology makes sense, since "Christmas" means "the arrival of Christ", so my Christmorrow can mean "the day after Christ".  Anyway, I'm at my other Aunt's house right now with the same Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins as Christmas Eve.  Just finished dinner, was pretty good.  Had baked zitti :yum: with some broccoli & cheese, though there was also ham, sausage & peppers, :chew: chicken parmesan, sour cream chicken, some mixed vegetables, and some bread and butter (some of these, I don't like).

Right now, I'm typing this Journal and I'm gonna have dessert afterwards.  And after that, we're gonna exchange gifts from each other.  Speaking of dessert, we got cheesecake, apple pie, fresh fruit, and some cookies and cupcakes. Yummy Plz

Also today, I went to see Jedi Battle Emote Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi !!  Phwoar!!  That was astral shavit, man!!  I really enjoyed it!  Sure, Luke isn't like he was in Legends continuity, but it was still tons of fun.  I just GOTTA see it again! :boogie:

I hope you all (have/had/are having) a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever is your Holiday, this season.  I wish you all the very best, my brothers and sisters in Jesus.  God bless you all!!
  • Listening to: Christmas carols on the computer playlist
  • Reading: What I'm typing
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  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing right now
  • Drinking: Nothing right now

Still need help deciding, guys.  It's tied 10 to 10!  And my "gut feeling" still aims at both, which is something I can't do.

I'm working on an update on my MMPR Gold Ranger:  Gold Ranger - Mighty Morphin' by Andruril93

It was going fine, then I found myself on a crossroads.  I can't decide on a certain way to go at it.  So, I'll ask you guys for help on the decision.

Should I just update the Zyuranger-looking design?
Should I go the extra mile and make the body suit look Dairanger-inspired?

Either way, it'll have the same new design for the helmet, modeled after a stegosaurus but better.  I'm just trying to decide on whether to keep it to the original five suits and go full Zyuranger, or make it look more in line with the White Ranger's powers and use Dairanger in the design.

Edit: I have drafts of both designs, and I'll show them here to help you guys decide.  Please note, they're watermarked.

Edit2: Some of you have been suggesting a shield, rather than just the shoulder and kneepads.  So, I decided to give that a try.  I have the example of it right below.  And again, it's watermarked.
MMPR Gold shield for Journal by Andruril93

So now, when you vote, try to imagine what the shield would look like on the suit. (Also, if you already chose, you can either change your choice, or say you still choose what you did)

Okay, y'all.  A or B? (I also gave the examples the shield, and slightly changed A)

Newgold For Journal2 by Andruril93

Let me know what you guys think.  Hopefully, this time we'll get a definite decision.

Update 1/8/2107: It's been decided, I'm going with choice A.  MMPR/Zyuranger style it is.

It won by one vote, and I've decided to agree with the friends who had already voted for it.  It does seem like a better idea.  But, I'm gonna wait to re-upload the piece itself, because I've decided to make some changes to my full Mighty Morphin' and Zeo team.  It'll only take a while, just need some visuals and resources.
  • Listening to: Christmas carols on the computer playlist
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  • Drinking: Fruit Punch
Hey, all.  I got some news.  And said news are videos, LOL.

Zordonfire, my new YouTube channel for PR/Toku stuff:…

See Kimberly morph into the Pink ThunderZord Ranger (Dairanger):…

Check out Tommy becoming Cybertron:…

And watch Ryan Steele transform into the White Ranger:…

I hope y'all like these.  There'll be more to come.


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